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Growth Strategy

PrintDo you want to grow and expand your business? Do you know who your customers are? Do you want to increase new business leads?

Fast growth is easier to achieve with an experienced marketing company who knows what they’re talking about. Growth involves risk, but if it’s well managed, it can be achieved. A strategy will help you focus and provide direction. It will identify who your potential customers are and how best to communicate with them – and because timing is crucial – it will also tell you when to communicate and how often.

Thanks to our digital marketing and consultancy backgrounds, we can plan and help you implement highly strategic campaigns that move away from the conventional and into the new. Our belief is that every single marketing strategy we help produce should have ROI. From online to offline marketing, we ensure that your company is highly visible via all channels to penetrate your audience and exceed your expectations.

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Lead Generation

PrintIs your online marketing campaign failing you? Is your digital strategy not creating new leads?

If you want to increase new business leads within your target market, Elevation Marketing will identify the opportunities you need to get a far better ROI. We’re only interested in quality and if you want to boost and strengthen your advertising and marketing performance, we can help.

That’s why we create stunning and smart websites, killer content and digital marketing campaigns to help you achieve your company’s business goals. From customer retention to lead generation, we manage campaigns and create tools that will improve your business outcomes measurably.

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Web Design

PrintDo you want to arm your business with a cutting-edge platform that is built for purpose and designed solely to meet your needs? Elevation Marketing can deliver.

There’s no point having a ‘pretty’ website that doesn’t generate new leads and business. That’s why our team of creatives and web developers produce smartphone enabled and fully responsive websites, ensuring that visitors to your website not only enjoy the experience – they convert into customers and increase new business leads.

We understand why many websites fall down at the first crucial hurdle and fail to drive new business. Our web development team has worked with many businesses across the UK to help bolster their conversions online. Building on the latest web technologies and using forward thinking design, we know what it takes to build something special. View our website design packages here

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Content Marketing

Content MarketingGood content is the cornerstone and foundation of any successful marketing campaign. And yet the creation of valuable and useful content across the plethora of digital channels is often the biggest stumbling block and pitfall for so many companies.

More importantly, online reputation management has never been so popular at a time when so much of our opinions and views are shaped online.

Our in-house team of content creators and digital strategists can produce content in real time in response to trends and events and will produce persuasive editorial, sales messaging and copy that will read well not only in the eyes of your customers but the all important search engines.

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Marketing Automation

PrintElevation Marketing can help your business achieve exceptional sales results by implementing an integrated range of both personalised and automated marketing in a multichannel setting.

Technology is essential for any thriving business, and if you want to engage and find the ‘right’ customers for your business, we can help learn what they need to know about your business and your products. Through behaviour tracking, web personalisation, social media and search marketing, we educate and inspire your customers so that they return to you time and time again.

Data is power, and we like to go exceed our client’s expectations by developing dynamic automated email marketing strategies, personalised and optimised website content, online advertising, mobile and social media marketing strategies.

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Training and Mentoring

PrintImprove and develop your in-house marketing expertise with Elevation Marketing and our flexible and scalable training and mentoring programme.

Through workshops, seminars and in-house masterclasses, Elevation Marketing can give your business a competitive edge through our bespoke marketing training and mentoring offer. During the last 12 months we have ran the following training workshops and seminars:

– Social Media Masterclass
– What is my Brand: Inhouse Workshop
– LinkedIn for Business Leaders
– Supercharge Your Digital Marketing

So, if you want to improve your marketing and sales output, develop winning business strategies and get noticed online, we have all of the expertise and knowledge to help your company tick.

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