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Our Approach

There’s always another way…

As a strategic marketing and website design consultancy, we don’t believe one size fits all and always apply a structured process to our work. This enables us to plan, create and deliver a clear and consistent approach to all communications activity. 




We believe that a clear, coherent and measurable marketing strategy is key to the success of any business.

The first stage of any effective planning is to clarify business goals, set marketing objectives, determine who your target customers and evaluate existing activity.

There are plenty of tools available to us to evaluate your current objectives and the direction your organisation has taken. Through SWOT analysis, focus groups, brand workshops, marketing reviews and communications audits, we can both soon discover what makes your business tick.




The next stage focuses on developing a sustained and measurable strategy.

Here, we’ll consider the most appropriate and engaging content to use as part of your campaign and how it will be distributed effectively and coherently, across the wide range of communication channels that are waiting to hear about your company.

Here’s the good news, there are many activities and media channels to choose from – both online and offline – with some more effective than others for certain target markets. In order to determine which is the most appropriate and cost-effective choice for your business, we need to observe where your target market is hanging out and then we’ll deploy extensive research to determine exactly what kind of reach each avenue has within the target sector. There may also be industry-specific case studies available to us, which will demonstrate their application and overall effectiveness.





Creative Content and bespoke Communications marketing techniques revolve around everything we do here at Elevation Marketing.

Now that we’ve identified your target audience, have developed key messages and sales propositions and have planned a group of strategic tactics to meet our objectives, we now need to build penetrating content and collateral to drive the campaign forward and make a genuine impact.

These tangible, visual elements are designed to engage your audience and will encourage them to share information, and proactively promote your business and services.

People make decisions based on emotional responses, even the most linear, mathematically inclined people. It’s crucial that all creative content and marketing collateral is presented and expressed to the target audience in a way that is relevant and makes sense to them and, ultimately, creates a desire to make them want to experience your products and services.




A this stage we begin to engage and nurture leads.

Combining the influence content management tools and marketing automation, the Elevation Marketing approach to nurturing is tailor-made and refined. As a leading strategic marketing and website design consultancy, we utilise a plethora of tools – email, drip notifications, newsletters, free promotions, invitations to events and product demonstrations to name but a few, to encourage a regular flow of communication with these new ‘warm’ leads.  

In our collective and unified campaigns, we personalise messaging in an array of scenarios.




The last stage of our inbound marketing methodology – before it all starts again- crunches the numbers and analyse the metrics. We trawl the data connected to your campaign for insights that can boost its appeal even further.

This part of the process will help us identify what parts of the campaign have been most successful and will also let us assess what we need to tweak and hone to make the campaign even more powerful.

Here we’ll take a look at things like the number of quality leads we’ve had over the phone and the website as well as the amount of verified sales we’ve had across your marketing channels. We’ll do the numbers, so you don’t have to.