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High Tide

High Tide Group is an independent IT solutions provider, designing and implementing new data centres for large global organisations through to integrated cloud solutions and email systems. The business works with international companies, such as Huntsman and Hyundai, as well as providing IT and communications support for small and medium sized businesses across the north east, including Hartlepool Marina and Middlesbrough College.

The Brief:

Elevation Marketing was tasked to deliver the following objectives over a six month period:

  • To re-launch High Tide Group and grow the client base with existing and new clients
  • Review the company image, with a view to becoming a recognised IT provider within the north east
  • To increase awareness and growth of the High Tide Group brand and provide opportunities to engage with potential clients and the wider business community with an effective marketing strategy
  • To promote the range of products and services within High Tide Group to a range of target markets, encouraging dialogue with potential and current clients and generating enquiries

The Service:

We conducted a comprehensive marketing audit for High Tide Group, evaluating its existing brand, objectives marketing activities, target audience, client base, communications and sales. A strategic sales and marketing plan was then developed and implemented, with the following activities undertaken:

  • Complete review and update of website, providing dynamic and informative web pages to attract a range of targeted audiences
  • Researched key areas for growth and development with targeted marketing messages for each sector
  • Created a brand identity which is reflected in all areas of the business
  • Developed and implemented a PR and social media program
  • Developed a portfolio of marketing collateral
  • Created and delivered an email and telemarketing campaign

The Results:

Over the six month campaign, which was evaluated through independent market research and by the client, Elevation Marketing has achieved the following results for High Tide Group:

  • More effective and higher impact brand and visual presence
  • Increased awareness of High Tide Group in the wider Teesside area
  • Increased sales revenue and client portfolio
  • Increased visits to website
  • Increased social media presence and engagement with audiences