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10 quick and effective ways to generate new leads

10 quick and effective ways to generate new leads
Generate new leads

Generate new leads… no easy task!

If your business needs a consistent supply of new customers (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then the challenge of lead generation can feel like a long, drawn out process – commanding time and demanding big budgets.

Yet discovering and connecting with fresh leads really needn’t be either of these things – and here we take a look at ten quick, and incredibly effective ways in which any business can generate new leads.

1.     Harness social media

Social media can be a rich source of new business, yet to truly harness this medium for all that it may deliver, you need to first understand which of the many platforms your target market uses (for which, this research on social media demographics is perfect).

With that established, the tactics between social networks differs drastically – which may demand a little more research on your behalf. As a starting point however, Twitter and Facebook serve as tools for posting links through to your self-hosted content, as well as promoting sales, products or services (of which a ratio between content to promotional posts should be 80/20).

For business-to-business marketing, there may be few as essential a platform as LinkedIn. Groups often provide for the singular most powerful tool for demonstrating expert knowledge – and identifying the group’s central to your target markets concerns and challenges is a key step in your lead generation strategy.

2.     Write an E-Book

Writing an E-Book is a non-negotiable for those who operate in the business-to-business or technical spheres. Ultimately the end customer in these markets have a thirst for knowledge – focused on always improving in order to gain ground in their own industries.

Central to writing an effective E-Book is a focus on the problems that your target business faces – readers should be informed and educated, rather than sold and dictated to. Craft your E-Book from a natural position, and provide actionable, step-by-step insights.

3.     Create an Infographic

Despite some overuse over the course of the past few years, infographics remain highly shareable and help generate new leads. They’re also relatively cost-efficient. All you need is:

– An original idea that provides insight into your target readers’ business area;

– A talented (and affordable!) graphic design;

– A good number of shares.

You can also submit your infographic to publications in your industry for added reach – just be sure to include your logo and website address at the bottom to drive those now enlightened readers to your website.

4.     Create case studies

Case studies tangibly demonstrate the value of your product or service; so valuable is this form of content, that 73% of B2B companies have created them over the past 12 months alone (DemandGen 2016).

Core to creating case studies that convert is crafting them around the purchase roadblocks of your target customers. In short, they are a tool for the elimination of prospect doubt, helping them to foresee their future success by using your product or service.

5.     Create (and maintain) a blog

66% of B2B companies have a blog (DemandGen 2016). Why? Because they’re simply one of the most powerful lead generation tools in existence – offering the chance to build a firm following who hang on your every word, as well as driving traffic to your website and nurturing your leads through the buying decision process. So effective are blogs, that B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not (Huffington Post 2014).

Be sure to make this process a seamless one, by featuring a newsletter sign up box in the sidebar of your blog.

6.     Create a product or service explainer video

65% of us are visual learners (CodeFuel 2015) – and video content is just about the most pervasive, and versatile, content formats of all. Product or service explainer videos have been known to convert as many as 33% of an audience (Unbounce 2014).

Yet these videos really needn’t be long or complicated (and in fact, research consistently shows that the shorter and more concise they are, the better the conversion rate); there are also plenty of free tools to use to help generate new leads.

7.     Request customer referrals

Word of mouth – it’s always been an invaluable marketing device. When a glowing statement comes from fellow consumers or businesses, your target market innately trust in their opinion. What’s more putting in place a customer referral scheme can be as simple as adding a message at the bottom of your email signature, or upon your invoices.

8.     Get networking

Face-to-face meetings and networking events are an essential for your calendar – it’s vital to realise that there’s a very real world, with powerful contacts, outside of the online realm. Just don’t forget your business cards!

9.     Speak at an event and/or trade show

Delivering a talk at an event provides immediate dividends – establishing you as a face, a brand and as a recognisable expert in your industry. This can be the defining difference between you, and your next competitor. Capitalise on this by following up with contacts made during these events.

10.     Invest in cross marketing promotions

Forming mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses can deliver leads direct to your door. Identify those forms of businesses where your products or services complement one another’s (where each of your target markets require the same services).

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